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Having private guides means that you won’t have to worry about researching, planning and deciding. With us, you will be able to sit back and relax, enjoying the beautiful wilderness that surrounds you.

We will be your hosts, your interpreters of the natural world and your organisers, ensuring a smooth trip from start to finish.


We only use 4x4 vehicles and we offer tours in English and Italian.


Every safari is unique, so let us design your personalised journey to make it truly extraordinary and tailored to your expectations!
It will be our greatest privilege to let you experience Kenya in your own terms by guiding you wherever you wish!

The perfect African safari with an Italian touch!



My name is Elisa and I am a certified professional safari guide (KPSGA) originally from Italy. Driven by the desire to experience new places, traditions and cultures, I have dedicated the last 10 years of my life to discovering this magical country called Kenya.

After going on many safaris as a tourist, I travelled all around Kenya and I decided to share my passion for nature and adventure by showing the endless beauty that this spectacular country has to offer.

I successfully completed a course for Safari Field Guides (EcoTraining Academy) at the Masai Mara during which I had a chance not only to enrich my knowledge of the Kenyan natural and historical heritage, but also to foster a solid bond with the Kenyan indigenous population.


This was the key to obtaining my certification from the KPSGA.

My name is Jones, Russian born and a certified professional safari guide (FGASA). I have been traveling around the world for ten years and I am a Nature and wildlife enthusiast.

I am a specialized trekker, as a mountain guide I did many ascents in the Indian and Nepalese Himalayas, some volcanoes in Indonesia as well as mountains of Sri Lanka and Malaysia and I climbed Mount Kenya twice.


I have been also practicing and teaching yoga for eight years, I have lived in many monasteries in India and Nepal, completing five courses each of ten days of silence on Vipassana meditation practise.


Here in Kenya I was trained by a professional guide visiting most of the National parks.

My experience is part of a background made up living among the Kenyan tribes having therefore the huge privilege to be in touch with the truly African culture.


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